Food Tongs Barbecue Bread Tongs Steak Clips Multifunctional Kitchenware Beech(5 Pack) - B07F34V8J1

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Food Tongs Barbecue Bread Tongs Steak Clips Multifunctional Kitchenware Beech(5 Pack) - B07F34V8J1
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  • 1·【Material】:It is composed of beech wood material. The unique design of the ring lock and the beak clip are more convenient. It is safer than iron and aluminum and is more practical and sanitary

  • 2·【Applications】:Ideal for cooking and grilling:Can be used for vegetables, salads, meats, desserts, appetizers, barbecues, steaks, pasta, kitchens, buffets, parties, etc. You will find it very convenient during use

  • 3·【Advantages】:Wood is heat-resistant, so it is safe to use at high temperatures without having to worry about damaging the pliers and transferring toxic substances into the food. These small service pliers are lightweight and easy to use

  • 4·【Cleaning】:When cleaning, make sure not to use chemically oxidized alkaline substances, or strong bases such as soda, powder bleach, sodium sulfide, etc. to avoid chemical reactions

  • 5·【Precautions】:Please do not use any high-temperature electrical appliances such as sterilizers, microwave ovens, etc., and do not place them next to the heating stove. Do not expose to the sun. Color difference on online shopping is unavoidable

  • ★Wood products are different from ordinary products. It grows out of the land. With deep feelings, you can experience the pleasure of enjoying food!

    ★Each wood product is taken from different parts of the tree and polished manually. There are slight differences in wood grain, color, weight, and specifications.

    1.the first cleaning of wood products:

    For newly purchased wood products, we recommend that you do not use boiled or hot water as much as possible because it is easy to destroy the structure of the logs and greatly shorten the service life. When using wood products for the first time, we generally recommend soaking in salt water for about 3-4 hours, then clean it normally! The surface of the wood product after the first cleaning will have some rough feelings. This is a normal phenomenon. With the increase in the number of uses, the clips will also become smooth.

    2.How to make wood products bright:

    If you want to make the wood grain of wood products beautiful, you can wash it dry after soaking in salt water, then use cooking oil, gently apply a layer of oil on the surface of wood products, and then let it dry for 12 hours. Foot oil, such wood products are durable and beautiful!


    Disinfection cabinet can be used for disinfection, non-ozone disinfection can use warm salt water soaking 3 hours or so, and then normal cleaning, place in a dry and ventilated place to dry.

    4.About color difference:

    Wood is a naturally occurring material that can have different colors and textures. Unlike machinery, wood has its own texture, which is a normal phenomenon of growth of logs.

    Food Tongs Barbecue Bread Tongs Steak Clips Multifunctional Kitchenware Beech(5 Pack) - B07F34V8J1